In 1985 we established, along with my husband Theodoros Kanakis, the Language School Synchrono-A. G. Chondrakis in the center of Piraeus, 153-B, Ipsilantou str.. Since 2004 the school has been housed in a privately-owned space in the same street Ipsilantou 155-B where together with our dedicated partners we continue to develop with faith and love our language teaching services.


We organize and offer language courses in small groups for adults, adolescents and children. We teach EnglishFrenchSpanishItalianGerman as well as Greek for foreigners. Also, upon request, other languages are taught like JapaneseChineseArabic, TurkishRussian etc.


Our collaborating teachers are all experienced and trained, graduates of Greek or foreign universities, always eager and friendly with our students.




From 1985 until today more than 10,000 adults and children, as well as professionals of all business activities of the city of Piraeus have attended our school.





In addition to the courses taught within the classrooms, the Language School Synchrono has been selected to offer intra-company courses to businesses and organizations such as the National Youth Foundation, the Postgraduate Studies Centre of the University of Kentucky in collaboration with theTechnological Educational Institute of Athens, shipping companies, industries, and other organizations.


Since 1995 we have been active in the writing of original teaching methods such as the Fastschool method for teaching English to adults and the method of Parallel for children as well as in the use and creation of multimedia educational programs for Computers and the Internet.



In the course of 32 years until today we were honored in terms of exclusive cooperation with organizations abroad such as CNN International, Dynamic English Education, Ladder International etc. From 1995 until 2008 we represented for Greece the BBC New English Course and we successfully participated in local and international exhibitions. We were involved in the creation of REAL PROJECT, Greek for foreign students in Greece, in collaboration with the British University of HULL, and other European universities, through the European programme Comenius. In 2006 we successfully completed our e-learning platform for practicing in English through the Competitiveness Financial program of the EU and the Greek government.



We work creatively from morning to night, 12 months a year, inspired by our students because for us, personalized teaching is the secret for the success of our students both in the examinations and in the practical use of the language, as well as in the everyday life of their working and social contacts.


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